Today the four Prep classes went to the Werribee Zoo. As Habitat Detectives we all participated in a workshop where we could use our senses to find animals, build animal habitats, use detective tools, pat a blue tongue lizard and we even got a very close look at some giraffe poop!

After a quick play on the zoo’s adventure playground we walked around to see some silver back gorillas, cheetahs and hippos. The best part of the day was heading on an African Safari in a special safari bus with no windows. While it was a little bit dusty at times we still managed to see giraffes, rhinos, zebras, elands, wildebeests, ostriches and plenty of Australian native animals.

Bang! We saw the zoo rangers feed the giant silver back gorillas out of a cannon! Yes a real cannon – filled with slices of apple, oranges and bananas. They fired it into the enclosure, much to the delight of the Preps who watched the three gorillas have their afternoon tea.

Here are some photos of our special day:

2015-11-25 11.36.56

Here are some links to continue the learning at home:

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Chameleon changing colour video (this was a big hit in the classroom!)