Today we finally got to race the cardboard carts that we made earlier in the week. Our carts had a living things theme to match our Inquiry unit this term. Our terms were:

Snakes, Bugs, Polar Bears, Leopards and Birds.

Children came dressed as their animal and really got into the spirit of sportsmanship by trying their best and cheering on all teams. Well done to a team in Prep B who won the Prep race. Here we are with our teams and our beautiful carts…

2015-11-06 12.35.18-1 2015-11-06 12.35.41 2015-11-06 12.36.19 2015-11-06 12.36.32-1 2015-11-06 12.36.54

And just before the race we really got into the spirit of each animal we represented…2015-11-06 14.30.54 2015-11-06 14.31.10 2015-11-06 14.31.26 2015-11-06 14.31.37 2015-11-06 14.32.52


Thanks to Jack from Prep B who stepped in last minute for the Snake team. I hope you feel better soon Hamish!

Off and racing…