Month: June 2015

Our final toy projects

What a fantastic end of term we have had! Exciting sports colour days and a fun making morning. It is fun to be in Prep! Here we are explaining our projects:

Galloway! Lee! Hurst! Devlin!

2015-06-25 14.44.39

Today we wore our house colours with pride as each house showcased their special war cry. Here are a few pictures of the school getting ready to sing:

The preps also had a performance of their own. They sung ‘Heal the World’ which was beautiful with all of the four house colours mixed together and singing in unity. I’m sure you will agree that Miss. Wencel puts in a lot of time and effort to get all of those voices and supporting dance moves in sync.

Techniques for making toys

For the end of term project, the Preps have designed their very own toy. They could choose from a list of options including a castle for a princess, robot, vehicle with wheels, a house for the Three Little Pigs or a toy for a baby/toddler. Tomorrow there will be a lavender note going home with materials requests for when we make next week.

Prep A had a lovely afternoon of exploring some construction techniques with special tools and equipment. These skills will come in very handy next week when we make our own moving toy! Check us out in action: