Month: May 2015


What a LEGO-rific day we had today!!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.21.04 pm

Today at the Lego Education Centre at Docklands we participated in three action packed Lego sessions of learning. In session one we trialled some different ways to stack Lego to make walls. We wanted the strongest wall, so we learnt about overlapping bricks. In teams we designed and made some strong brick houses to protect our Little Pig from the Big Bad Wolf. In session two we made some habitats for different types of animals including farm animals, wild animals and even dinosaurs. We also created some wacky animals by mixing up animal parts. Finally we made three different moving toys with pulleys, gears and axles.

The best part was working together with our friends to be Master Builders. Master Builders work as a team to combine ideas and skills to produce the best results they can. Our educator Nerida made lots of fun links to the Lego Movie in her sessions.

2015-05-27 10.16.20

We look forward to extending our knowledge of toys for the rest of the term with all our new vocabulary and experiences.

Preps learning to code

Today the students from 4A and Mr Rogers came to visit us to show us what it means to code something. The grade 4 students helped the preps to code some games including Angry Birds. To code the preps gave the iPad instructions and saw the results. It involved analytical thinking, trial error and lots of new experiences. We may just have some future programmers on our hands!

Learning to share

Today we read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish in reading time and we made some words in the -ip and -it word families. The children are really grasping rhyming words now and understand they only need to change the first sound.

In maths we found out that Dr Seuss wanted some more fish for his story so after we practised some sharing with unifix on the carpet, we made 20 fish. On our paper we drew one plate for each person in our family and shared the fish out equally. Some students got a little excited and made lots more fish. As long as we share equally it doesn’t matter how many we have to begin with.

Wacky Wednesday

2015-05-13 08.59.31


Today the children arrived at school and there were no chairs! As the day went on we discovered more and more wackiness. We were able to find a wacky part of the classroom each, some children found Mrs Morcombe wacky too. Open the below document to see what we found.

What was wacky in our room

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.29.47 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.30.00 pm Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 6.30.14 pmOur writing today was a little wacky too! Can you see why?

Not ones to miss out on the fun, the Prep teachers joined in too!


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the very special mums of Prep A. I hope you enjoyed opening up your special presents today as much as your children enjoyed creating them for you.

The key rings are a unique snapshot of your child’s first year at school and includes their very first painting, a family portrait.


Oxford Word Lists

Due to recent parent feedback on the Oxford Word lists, I have updated the files on the word lists page (to the left) to versions that do not have a coloured background. When printed in black and white some words become illegible due to the dark colour in the background.

Most of the students in Prep A are making steady progress through these word lists which is being reflected in their reading and writing.

Thank you for your support in helping your children to recognise these words ‘as fast as a click!’ Keep up the wonderful work.