Month: April 2015

Prep A and Anzac Day

Prep A read books about ANZAC Day today and talked about what it means to be brave. We each made a wreath out of poppies and took them along to our special ANZAC Day assembly today to show our respect.

 2015-04-24 13.06.04

2015-04-24 12.33.39

The display board outside our classroom shows the work from the entire school. 2015-04-24 13.04.11 2015-04-24 13.04.24

Term 2 Show and Tell

Here is the planner for show and tell for this term. You will also receive a hard copy next week.

Prep Show and Tell Planner Term 2 2015

The topic for week 2 is to bring along a favourite toy, talk about its features and why it is your favourite. So we can use these toys for one of our Inquiry lessons this week, I am asking that all children bring their toy to share on THURSDAY. We can then look at their features, group and compare a large number of different toys at once.

Welcome back to term 2

I welcome you all back for the start of Term 2 and I have to say it has been quite a busy week. Being the prep’s fourth ever full week at school I anticipate that they (and I!) may be very worn out tonight and ready for some R and R this weekend.

To update you on reading helpers, I did quite a bit of restructuring of the reading hour over the holidays and the process each morning may be a little different from what you remember from last term. Each morning I will set out a fortnightly calendar on my blue table to add names to and ideally the class would benefit the most from having two parent helpers stay each morning. The reason for the calendar is so I can plan activities in advance for the groups that parent helpers will work with each day – last term I often didn’t know who was staying until 9:05am. Thank you for your willingness to come and join in, we have all loved having you be a part of our day.

The class is making progress on the list words and you should have all received an update today by email about how your child is going. the Spell-a-thon data will be collected late next week and i have my fingers crossed that Prep A can get the highest % of words correct and win a class party. Also it is a great fund raiser for getting air-conditioning into the gym which I’m sure that any of you who sat through an assembly on a 30+ day can appreciate the need for!