Month: March 2015

Sound of Music

Well done to all of the students in Prep A on a fantastic performance last night. You all looked wonderful and most importantly – had lots of fun!! Thank you to all of the families who supported us at the Showcase last night.

Please share the video below with your families and friends who could not make it.

Easter Bunny Faces

We have been investigating our five senses. Today we made the Easter Bunny’s face out of healthy foods to assist us to investigate the sense of taste. We used foods like rice cakes, celery and sultanas. We built our bunny faces, drew a diagram, labelled and then ATE!!

It was a super yummy activity.

2015-03-26 09.48.37 2015-03-26 09.48.42 2015-03-26 09.48.49 2015-03-26 09.48.55 2015-03-26 09.49.02 2015-03-26 09.52.54 2015-03-26 09.54.54 2015-03-26 09.55.11

Our writing has improved so much in just 8 short weeks. When we write we are aiming for three star writing – meaning we record the beginning, middle and ending sounds. Look at our finished diagrams to see who made some three star words.

2015-03-26 09.53.50 2015-03-26 09.54.07 2015-03-26 09.54.27 2015-03-26 09.55.52 2015-03-26 09.56.15 2015-03-26 09.56.58 2015-03-26 09.57.51 2015-03-26 09.58.59 2015-03-26 09.59.13 2015-03-26 09.59.37 2015-03-26 10.01.05 2015-03-26 10.01.40 2015-03-26 10.01.50 2015-03-26 10.02.07 2015-03-26 10.06.32 2015-03-26 10.07.42 2015-03-26 10.08.00 2015-03-26 10.08.17 2015-03-26 10.09.22 2015-03-26 10.09.43

While we ate our bunny faces we made a graph of who liked and who disliked each food item. We used comparative language to find out if more people liked and disliked each food item. Here is our graph.

2015-03-26 10.33.46

Easter Bonnet Parade

Today we made Easter Bonnets and paraded with the other prep classes. First we made our bonnets out of craft materials and we practised a special dance that we learned recently – the bunny hop!

Look at our beautiful creations.

Super job Prep A!

Train carriage maths

Prep A has been playing a lot of games with dice and today we played a game of Towers with a partner. The students took turns with a partner to roll the dice and count out the correct quantity of unifix. Using their new explanation sticks they measured each tower against each other using comparative language such as taller, shorter and the same or equal to describe the difference.

Here is our new friend Lionel playing a game with Montana.

2015-03-19 12.12.45

The students sorted their blocks from several rounds into colours, counted and represented as a train in their workbooks.

2015-03-19 12.41.50 2015-03-19 12.42.00 2015-03-19 12.43.10 2015-03-19 13.21.47 2015-03-19 13.22.17 2015-03-19 13.22.40

We had great fun!

(sorry about the delay with this post – have been very busy with data this last week)

Assessment Data

Hi everyone!

How this term has flown! I cannot believe it is already the time to be thinking of end of term data and forward planning for next term – seems like yesterday that I was meeting you all at the door for the first time.

As I compile my data (in the form of alpha test and Oxford sight word results and begin conferences that will continue all year for reading, writing and maths) I am trialling a new program on my iPad that I can link a parent email address to each student. This means I can easily flick notes home in the form of an email which will have observations, work samples and goal setting attached.

If you are interested in receiving such emails then please check your current email inbox. Tonight I sent a test email to all parents. Please reply if you would like to get these notes and I will add you to my list. If you do not receive an email then come and see me as I must have a part recorded incorrectly in my files.

I am away at a maths training day tomorrow so I will see you all on Thursday.

Dance Showcase next week

“Do, a deer, a female deer”

Oh sorry I just had a song stuck in my head. I wonder if it is also ringing in your households! Yes Prep A has the honour of performing the Sound of Music ‘Do Re Mi’ for the dance showcase next Thursday evening.

I have had a few questions about costumes so I thought I would make a quick post so that everyone is on the same page. Basically students need to arrive at 6:10pm on the evening of Thursday the 26th of March to be seated with their class mates. The showcase starts at 6:30pm. Their costume does not need to be anything special, so please don’t go out and buy a fancy costume. Plain, earthy coloured COMFORTABLE (remember your child will be sitting for the duration of the showcase on the floor) clothing like plain jeans/overalls, dresses, tshirts etc are fine. You could accessorise with pigtails or combed down/oiled hair and painted on freckles to keep with the theme of the song if you would like – I think it would be very cute! The official note from Ms. Wencel requests:

Girls: Natural/Earth Colour Dress
Boys: Natural/Earth Colour Shirt, Grey/Brown Shorts Bare Feet

The note can be accessed below if you have lost your copy.

Dance Showcase Information


Learning about graphs

Today we made a human graph based on the question ‘What colour hair do you have?’ The children sorted themselves into groups and we compared the number in each. Mrs Morcombe helped to draw the graph up on the board and we could easily see that there were the most children in the brown and blonde hair groups. The least were in the black hair group.

2015-03-11 12.30.15

We worked with a partner to sort 20 unifix and made our own graph in our maths books.

2015-03-11 12.53.38 2015-03-11 12.53.05 2015-03-11 12.52.45 2015-03-11 12.55.13 2015-03-11 12.55.00 2015-03-11 12.53.55

Then we got to make a graph out of Skittles. That was the yummiest part!!

2015-03-11 13.11.27 2015-03-11 13.12.20 2015-03-11 13.12.47 2015-03-11 13.13.33 2015-03-11 13.13.46 2015-03-11 13.14.11 2015-03-11 13.14.18 2015-03-11 13.14.38 2015-03-11 13.14.45 2015-03-11 13.15.06 2015-03-11 13.15.13 2015-03-11 13.15.21 2015-03-11 13.15.47 2015-03-11 13.15.55 2015-03-11 13.15.59 2015-03-11 13.16.08 2015-03-11 13.16.15 2015-03-11 13.16.50 2015-03-11 13.17.02 2015-03-11 13.17.17 2015-03-11 13.18.02 2015-03-11 13.19.43 2015-03-11 13.20.04


Autumn is such a wondrous time of year! Today in maths we talked about seasons and how the seasons are different, such as the weather, the clothes we wear and the different activities that we can do in each season. We then discussed how special Autumn is. A song we sung today sums it up pretty well!

Autumn Leaves

We then went on a nature walk to discover some different leaves. We collected leaves that were different – size, shape and colour. The children then used them for maths. We ordered by size, drew scientific drawings and measured the area and perimeter with counters.

2015-03-04 12.59.17 2015-03-04 13.00.43 2015-03-04 13.02.41 2015-03-04 13.02.58 2015-03-04 13.03.25 2015-03-04 13.03.41

As a bit of fun at the end we listened to a child read ‘The Leaf Man’ and we turned our leaves into a leaf man of our very own.

2015-03-05 08.08.13 2015-03-05 08.08.22

Jonah reads Leafman


Maths Online

We are very fortunate to have a subscription to a wonderful maths resource for reinforcement of skills practised at school.

If you would like to explore with your child you can go to Maths Online and login using the details I send out tomorrow. I have set all of the kindergarten skills as work to be completed by the end of April. This includes the school holiday period.

I would love you to explore the site and come and see me if you have any questions.

Potato Maths

Today we used our potatoes to draw and measure perimeter. We discussed comparative language with a partner and covered differences such as colour, size and weight. The students in Prep A are becoming masters of sounding out and recording the initial sound in words.

The best part was turning our potatoes into Potato People at the end of maths. In the story the old woman and the boy let the potatoes shrivel and get old and then bury them – maybe you could do this at home!

Here are some out our creations. Very inventive Prep A!