Month: February 2015

New Show and Tell and Reading Groups and Parent Roster

As of next week we will be at school on Wednesday. The new rosters reflect this extra day. Show and Tell and Reading Groups occur on the same day just to keep it much simpler for the children to remember. With Friday being a pupil free day I will facilitate the changing of readers of the Friday group on Thursday afternoon, likewise with Monday as a public holiday, I will facilitate on Tuesday.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.51.00 pm

Thank you for your support this last week in the morning with the slight change in routine (changing readers using books in pink independent reading box). I feel like morning routine is almost there!

The parent helper timetable is pretty much finalised for the rest of term one. I have been able to roster on two parents per day and have quite a few who have mentioned they would prefer to be floaters if we are short on a particular day. Thank you for your support! Reading groups and 1:1 reading are so important for that extra practise and I just can’t meet with every child as often as I would like to. Your support is very appreciated.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.51.13 pm

Have a great weekend.

Some further information

We had a number of parents ask about the Indonesian program at NGPS. The Indonesian teacher Mrs Lawless has put together a cheat sheet of some simple words and phrases.

Language covered within the first year of Indonesian

In addition if you were unable to make it to the information night or would like to read over our presentation again, you can access a copy of the PowerPoint.

Foundation Information Session

Name work in maths

Today we used play dough to form each letter in our names and trace very carefully around the outside.

2015-02-26 11.52.35 2015-02-26 11.52.24 2015-02-26 11.52.01 2015-02-26 11.53.04

Here is Finn using his play dough to make F i n n and tracing around each letter carefully

2015-02-26 11.54.29 2015-02-26 11.54.21

We were then very curious about the new play dough in class today (thank you to Elissa for kindly giving up some of her Wednesday to make it!). Each student was given a counter and voted for their favourite scent – Mango, Lemon, Lime or Orange. We recorded the results below.

2015-02-26 12.40.56

This activity helped us to use comparative language such as small and big, most and least and we practiced 1:1 counting as well.

Students then used counters to fill in their letter outlines, count and record the results. We compared results on the carpet.

2015-02-26 12.50.032015-02-26 12.51.12 2015-02-26 12.52.15

It will be interesting to look back at these early attempts at recording numbers at the end of the year when our skills have grown so much.


Morning Reader Changes

The children in Prep A have now all had a session with the parent reading helper in the morning. This occurs on the same day as they have their Show and Tell. With the parent helper they choose 4-5 new books, have a brief book introduction and a quick read through. They then keep these readers inside the pink independent reading box on their table.

Each morning we practise independent reading with these books, I also conference using these books and they will swap their take home reader with a book in this box. I am hoping this will ease congestion in the classroom library each morning as reader book swaps will occur at the tables.

It is important to note that these take home readers will now appear to be ‘read’ by your child due to them already being familiar with them and having practised several times before bringing them home. You can still use one to one word pointing, Eagle Eye to look at the pictures and the initial sound of words and Lips the Fish as they get ready to read each word.

Some Tricky Vowel Sounds

The sounds ‘a’ and ‘e’ sound somewhat similar so we went back and revisited Ee today and did some ‘a’ and ‘e’ discrimination activities.

First we looked at our mouths as we formed the different sounds. There are subtle differences in tongue placement and the way we hold our jaw as we say the sounds. Working with a partner the children watched themselves in the mirror as they formed the sounds. They then moderated with their partner and gave each other feedback.

We then sorted objects into the two columns.

DSC00948 DSC00949 DSC00950

After this hands on experience the children then had an independent activity to show their understanding.

Well done Prep A you all worked very hard!

We love our buddies!

The students in Prep A have been paired up with a grade 6 students to be their buddy. Today we had Joseph and Emily come and visit us from 6A. Here we are as they read us a story after lunch.

Letters So Far

Prep A have so far learnt the actions, songs, letter names and sounds as well as practised blending to make words with:

Ss Aa Tt Ii Pp Nn Cc Kk Ee Hh

To consolidate these new letters, here are the two sets of Jolly Songs. You could sing them with your child and have your child show you the action that matches. You could also use your ‘Eagle Eye’ to search and find these letters in your nightly readers or library books, even count how many and represent on paper to combine with some number sense thinking. While ‘reading’ other materials at home like magazines and newspaper, you could cut out the letters and make a picture graph to see which letters you found the most of.

If your child is still inconsistent when identifying the name of the letter, the sound and the ability to hear and discriminate the first sound of words that begin with the letters (for the letters covered so far), please come and see me. I have lots of activities and ideas so you can practise at home to make alphabet practise fun and engaging.

Thanks for your help!

Group 1 – Sa Aa Tt Ii Pp Nn

Group 2 – Cc Kk Ee Hh (Rr Mm Dd to be covered in the following week but you can start singing!)

Learning a new game

Today we learned a new game during maths that saw the students in Prep A working with their new table partner. The game was called Lolly Jar and for our first try we all did so well.

This game saw children taking turns to roll a dice, representing the number on the dice as ‘lollies’ in our jar (or tens frame) and adding on the next number and so on. The partner that filled up their jar to 10 first was the winner of that round. We played the best of five games and were very good sports about winning some and losing some. The children shared their experiences with the group afterwards and the consensus was that we had heaps of fun and want to play again!

Parent Helpers for Reading

Thank you for all the parents who have volunteered to come in and assist Prep A during reading of a morning. The reading program runs between 9am and 10am each day, with parents required until approximately 9:30am. Here is the first draft of the reading program timetable. If you could please come and see me if you would also like to help so I can finalise the Term 1 timetable.

Monday Louise (Hamish M)
Tuesday Sophie (Annabel)
Wednesday  – interviews
Thursday Eve (Sophie)
Friday Christie (Hamish B)

 Thank you in anticipation.

Prep A’s Walk

Today we read the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ which explores the journey a hen takes across a farmyard, around a pond, over a haystack…. all while being pursued by a sneaky fox trying to eat Rosie for dinner. The children loved the story and we decided to make our own version.

In our new partner groups we lined up at the door and waited for the line leaders to think of what to do first.

They decided to go THROUGH the classroom door, so off we went.


Next we went AROUND Prep B’s classroom.


Then we sat ON the bench.


From the bench we (very carefully) climbed OVER the wooden rail.

DSC00929 DSC00930

Walked ACROSS to the playground


and went DOWN the slide.

We went UNDER the seat

DSC00932 DSC00933 DSC00934

and were back in time for lunch.


What a great walk!

We turned the pictures into a classroom book so that we can practise our new positional terminology in maths this week. The children love seeing their photo feature in classroom books as it helps them to bring meaning to the words – plus they love seeing themselves in photos!

I hope that you share this post with your child and see what sorts of things you can go around, under, through, over, on…. in your house and back yard.